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Here’s all you need to know about Alba Baptista and her love story with Chris Evans




American actor Chris Evans, also known to be the “Sexiest Man Alive,” publicly acknowledged his year-long relationship with Luso-Brazilian actress Alba Baptista on November 10, 2022. It was revealed that their romance was not just a casual fling but involved a deep and serious connection. A source reiterated this to US Weekly, stating the two had “gotten serious”.

From Portugal to Hollywood: Alba Baptista's Journey to Love with Chris Evans (Alba.baptista Instagram)(Instagram)
From Portugal to Hollywood: Alba Baptista’s Journey to Love with Chris Evans (Alba.baptista Instagram)(Instagram)

In a rather low-key and intimate ceremony that took place in September 2023, the couple exchanged vows and tied the knot, as reported by People magazine. The wedding took place at a secluded Cape Cod estate during the weekend of September 9 and 10, 2023.

Among the guests making their way to the intimate ceremony were Chris Evans’ Marvel co-stars, Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Hemsworth, along with John Krasinski and Emily Blunt. However, their reps did not provide immediate confirmation of the news.

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Alba Baptista, hailing from Portugal and born in Lisbon, gained recognition for her role in Netflix’s “Warrior Nun,” marking her English-language debut. Prior to this, she made her mark in the Portuguese entertainment industry with appearances in films and TV shows like “A Impostora,” “Filha da Lei,” “A Criação,” and “Jogo Duplo”.

Following her success in “Warrior Nun,” she made her way through the 2022 dramatic comedy “Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris.”

Beyond her acting career, Baptista is passionate about charitable endeavors. In 2018, she dedicated her time to an orphanage in Cambodia, focusing on educational initiatives. She is proficient in five languages, including Spanish, French, German, English, and her native Portuguese.

Chris Evans had been caught constantly liking Baptista’s Instagram posts since October 2022, even engaging with some from as far back as July of the same year and August of 2021.

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In a candid interview for the Sexiest Man issue, Chris Evans hinted at his desire to build a family. He expressed his longing for a committed relationship in his life.

In January 2023, a source disclosed to Us Weekly that Chris Evans and Alba Baptista were extremely dedicated to each other, stating, “This is the most committed anyone can remember him being in a very long time, if not ever.”

They often spend their time at Evans’ serene Massachusetts house, away from the constant spotlight and attention.

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DCEU’s Troubles Continue: Controversies Surround ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’ Release – Flaunt Post



Following closely on the success of The Flash in 2023, the DCEU’s final film, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, has caused a new wave of controversy for Warner Bros. and DC Studios. The film’s troubled production history is presently scheduled to come to an end with the release of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom on December 22, 2023. This event resulted in the appointment of co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran and plans to relaunch the DCEU into the DC Universe. Although this Jason Momoa sequel was first anticipated to be a celebration of the previous storylines, it has been tainted by controversy, which might be bad news for the franchise.

The controversies surrounding Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom have been Jason Momoa and Amber Heard. Due to Heard’s involvement in a widely known court dispute, there was speculation that her part in the movie might be drastically reduced if not eliminated. According to claims made in a recent Variety article, Momoa pushed for Heard’s casting removal when she was allegedly drunk on set. Although a DC representative has denied these allegations, they nonetheless have an impact on the movie’s production. Unfortunately, there have been other DCEU projects where production-related controversy overshadowed the initiative. Notably, before the movie’s June 2023 premiere, actor Ezra Miller—who plays The Flash—was the subject of numerous accusations and arrests. Miller was involved in six high-profile events between 2020 and 2022, some of which led to arrests. Additionally, there were claims dated to 2016 that suggested inappropriate behaviour towards a 12-year-old at the time. Due to these debates, The Flash suffered, and it seems like Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom would suffer a similar fate from alienating viewers.

The DCEU’s Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is about to come to an end, and in 2024 and 2025, respectively, Gunn and Safran’s new DC Universe will debut with Creature Commandos and Superman: Legacy. But the turmoil that has been going on behind the scenes with this movie has not been great. Recent releases from DC Studios, such as Black Adam, Shazam! Fury of the Gods, and The Flash, have largely failed to impress critics and viewers. Despite Blue Beetle‘s positive reviews, its box office performance prompted questions, and those same questions might apply to the impending Aquaman sequel starring Jason Momoa.

The DCEU’s conclusion is hampered by the disclosure of additional behind-the-scenes dramas during Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom production, which prevents it from receiving the grand celebration it so richly deserves. Adding real-life controversies to DC Studios’ previous film office failures and mediocre reviews only serves to further damage the franchise’s already damaged brand. Although these issues have gotten worse recently, the DCEU’s problems date back to the problematic filming of Justice League in 2017. The franchise obviously needs a reboot following Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

To sum up, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom confronts a number of difficulties, ranging from the wider problems affecting the DCEU to the controversy surrounding its lead actors. Although fans are anxiously awaiting the film’s release, the difficult waters it must traverse could hinder its popularity and have an impact on the future course of DC’s cinematic universe.

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Deepika and Ranveer’s ‘Koffee With Karan’ Revelation: The ‘Ranveer Smith’ Moment – Flaunt Post



Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh, two of Bollywood’s most beloved couples, took the famous Koffee couch by storm as the eighth season of “Koffee With Karan” got underway with a bang. Although they discussed a variety of topics in their open conversation with host Karan Johar, one specific revelation caused a stir on social media and sparked fascinating similarities to Hollywood actor Will Smith. Many were taken aback when Deepika Padukone, who is renowned for her elegance and grace, opened up about her relationship with Ranveer Singh prior to their spectacular proposal in the Maldives. She said, “Until he proposed to me, there wasn’t a formal commitment.” Fans were intrigued and eyebrows raised by this revelation.

“Even though we had the freedom to see other people, we found ourselves coming back to each other,” the actress continued. Their candid declaration of their connection caught some off guard; while some praised her honesty, others called her a hypocrite. But what really got the audience’s attention during this announcement was Ranveer Singh’s response. Supporters immediately made comparisons between his statement and the well-known instance in which Will Smith responded to his wife Jada Pinkett Smith when she talked about her relationship with musician August Alsina on her programme, “Red Table Talk.”

Following Jada Pinkett Smith’s earlier description of her relationship with Alsina as a “entanglement,” which went viral through memes and conversations, it appeared that Ranveer was going through a similar phase on “Koffee With Karan.” Soon, he was the subject of an upsurge of jokes and memes on social media, calling him the “Indian Will Smith.” A person posted something along the lines of, “Spot the difference, folks… Ranveer Singh equals the Indian Will Smith.” Fans began referring to Ranveer and Deepika as the Indian equivalent of Will Smith and Jada on Instagram.

One fan spoke up in favour of Deepika amid the online uproar and unavoidable criticism, adding, “I think people are missing the point. She had recently ended a highly committed relationship with Ranbir, which had been difficult for her. Maybe she needed some time to decide with whom to truly commit her feelings over the long haul. She was obviously very significant to Ranveer because she continued returning to him even after meeting other people.”

It’s essential to keep in mind that relationships are complicated and that what works for one partner might not work for another as the argument rages on. Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone demonstrated that love is stronger than all obstacles as they celebrated their beautiful wedding five years ago against the picturesque backdrop of Italy. As a reminder that no relationship is one-size-fits-all, their participation in “Koffee With Karan” has inspired discussions about open relationships, honesty, and the complexities of love.

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OTT Releases this Week: A Diverse Lineup of Drama, Comedy, and Thrills Await Streaming Enthusiasts – Flaunt Post



This week promises a compelling list of movies and series that will appeal to a wide range of preferences in the constantly changing world of streaming entertainment. OTT services like Netflix, Disney Plus Hotstar, and Amazon Prime Video are prepared to provide consumers with a wide variety of content to watch, including thrilling crime dramas, humorous rom-coms, exhilarating action movies, and touching stories. Let’s take a look at the exciting releases coming your way.

  1. Sultan of Delhi

Genre: Period/Crime/Thriller

Platform: Disney+ Hotstar

Release Date: October 13, 2023

Stars: Tahir Raj Bhasin, Mouni Roy, Vinay Pathak, Anupriya Goenka, Nishant Dahiya

The intriguing universe of “Sultan of Delhi,” a period crime drama series directed by Milan Luthria, is set to be brought to you. The tale, which is set in the 1960s, centres on Arjun Bhatia, played by Tahir Raj Bhasin, a young man with lofty goals of becoming the ruthless “Sultan” of the underworld. His road, nevertheless, is paved with avarice, betrayal, and power battles. Will he rise to the challenge and succeed as Delhi’s Sultan?

  1. Prema Vimanam

Genre: Comedy/Drama/Romance

Platform: ZEE5

Release Date: October 13, 2023

Stars: Vennela Kishore, Sangeeth Shobhan

“Prema Vimanam” is a lighthearted romantic comedy, which is just what you’re looking for. The movie, directed by Santhosh Kata, ties together the parallel experiences of two kids and a young couple who both have aspired to travel by plane. They face their own set of particular difficulties as they work to realise their aspirations, which results in touching and amusing situations.

  1. Kasargold

Genre: Drama

Platform: Netflix

Release Date: October 13, 2023

Stars: Asif Ali, Sunny Wayne, Vinayakan, Malavika Sreenath

“Kasargold” promises to provide the tension and mystery that viewers are looking for. Asif Ali plays the part of Albert, a gold smuggler who plots a carefully planned heist with his friend Faizal in this Malayalam action thriller directed by Mridul Nair. But a stroke of luck sends their operation into chaos, setting the stage for an exciting story.

  1. The Burial

Genre: Courtroom drama

Platform: Amazon Prime Video

Release Date: October 13, 2023

Stars: Jamie Foxx, Tommy Lee Jones, Jurnee Smollett

In the real-life story-based film “The Burial,” get ready for a gripping courtroom drama. The story centres on Willie E. Gary, a personal injury lawyer played by Jamie Foxx, who uses his legal knowledge to support Tommy Lee Jones’ portrayal of funeral home owner Jeremiah Joseph O’Keefe in his lawsuit against a large funeral home chain. This court case will take viewers on a thrilling tour of the justice system.

  1. Goosebumps

Genre: Comedy Horror

Platform: Disney+ Hotstar

Release Date: October 13, 2023

Stars: Jack Black, R. L. Stine, Odeya Rush

“Goosebumps” offers an intriguing series to watch for fans of comic horror with a twist. The show, which is based on the well-known book series by R.L. Stine, is based in Port Lawrence, where a group of youngsters unintentionally release demonic forces linked to their parents’ mysterious past. Dark secrets are revealed as they work to reclaim these forces, creating exciting and entertaining interactions.

  1. Mark Antony

Genre: Action/Comedy

Platform: Amazon Prime Video

Release Date: October 13, 2023

Stars: Vishal, S. J. Suryah

“Mark Antony” gives the action-comedy subgenre a distinctive spin. The story centres around a bright scientist who unearths a strange phone that gives its users the ability to change history by dialling the past once every day. This newly discovered ability triggers a number of amusing and exciting circumstances. This amusing film, which stars Vishal and S. J. Suryah, offers a blend of humour and adventure as the characters deal with the effects of their newly discovered time-altering technology.

These are just a few of the exciting releases hitting your screens this week. The world of streaming entertainment has something to offer everyone, whether you enjoy thrilling criminal dramas, endearing love stories, or chilling horror comedies. So gather your popcorn, and prepare to enjoy some entertainment in the convenience of your own home.

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